Here's What's Coming for the 2nd Half of 2022

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Post the new home page here at

I'm starting simple, just to get the ball rolling. My intention is to establish psychotopology as a core standard for research into psychology and consciousness. This simple website can help start conversations, and that is what I am most interested in at this point.

This project has taken various forms over recent weeks. (It's June 1.) Figuring out a good design, whether to host it on Wordpress or Webflow, that sort of thing. I'm not a web techie, and it's not my favorite thing to do, but it had to be done.

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Transfer the book draft and Feelingwork Online videos from

A couple years ago I churned out a draft of a book outlining the method of Feelingwork. But I was never able to find a way to frame it that satisfied me, so it remained a draft. That draft has been posted at, and it has been useful to some people, so I will be moving it here as I shut down that site.

I also put a lot of work into creating a kind of online app at to lead people through Feelingwork. I will also be transferring that here, and removing the requirement that visitors create an account to access the videos.

Looking over the Feelingwork Online pages and videos, I have to cringe a bit. I put a heck of a lot of work into those, but I was just cranking through to get it done, hewing to the standard of "good enough," and I can see many ways it falls short. Over time, I would like to re-create this, but it's not on the short list of things to do. So consider it more of a test run get an idea of what Feelingwork is, and consider getting involved in the community to learn more.

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Create individual pages for each of the categories listed on the home page.

I'm working on pages expanding slightly on the topics of:

The science of psychotopology,
The methods, opportunities and challenges presented for transforming society,
Questions and challenges to our ideas about consciousness,
Some of my vision for what a community of psychotopologists might look like,
And some of the story of how I came to develop this work.

These pages will serve as the base for coming articles that further develop these topics.

I will consider this done when there is a longer page for each category that covers the topic reasonably well. However, the longer-term plan is to continue developing content in the form of articles in each category, and to build a store of information and exploration here. Eventually, I hope to also host guest posts from fellow first-person scientists.

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Prepare and open the community.

I have been stewing on the best way to host a community of students, practitioners, collaborators, and fellow researchers for a number of years now. My intention at the moment is to explore hosting a community at It's a pretty darned powerful app that elegantly enables both visual and verbal collaboration, something crucial to the exploratory phase of this project.

I'll consider this one done when I have my first three participants in the community helping to shape the vision and design the space for what is possible. Looking forward to it!

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Make progress on the first volume of the book with feedback from the community.

There is a lot of work to be done, and I will need to be pushing this track of writing for the next decade to succeed in capturing all that I've learned over the past thirty years. But I've got to start somewhere. The working title of the first volume is:

Psychotopology, Volume 1:
Toward a First-Person Science of Subjective Experience

I'll consider this one done when I am able to post the first chapter of the book here after at least two people have offered their feedback.

And there will be more, I'm sure.

As I've dug into the gigabytes of material I've accumulated over the years, just taking a survey of all I've done so far, all I've learned, everything I've written about it in various forms, it's been a little overwhelming. Just for me to consolidate all of this will take time, but I want to do more than that. At this point, it has become very important to me to work with others to build bridges to this work from many places. This is what I'm looking forward to the most.