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Start the Feelingwork moving process by reviewing the feeling state you intend to move. Look through your mapping notes to help you reconnect to the actual feeling state, using these notes to help you bring your attention into the felt experience of that state once more. It's important that you're actually feeling it. Keep your notes handy for reference as you go through the moving prompts.

Two things to note.  First, as we enter the moving process, I will switch from using the term "feeling state" to "this part of you." That is because as soon as we start moving things, the state itself will change. It will no longer be the state you originally named and mapped. But it will be the same part of you, which originally expressed itself through that feeling state. The moving process will enable this part of you to expand its repertoire of feeling state expressions, and we want to support it in having full freedom to do so.

Second, I want to invite you to check your expectations at the door. You may have some ideas about what this part is going to become, but leave those aside. This part of you has a built-in compass, which will point the way toward its ideal state.

Use this compass by paying attention only to the actual felt experience, choosing always to move toward what feels best as you explore each state property, trusting the compass of feeling to lead you home. It is possible that this part of you has been separated for so long from its natural, ideal state, that it may surprise you, what that turns out to be.

Trust the wisdom of feeling as you enter the moving process.

More Help Transcript

More help with preparing.

You will get the best results if you begin with a strong visceral experience of the feeling state you are moving. If this is your first time through, it might be easier to choose a naturally stronger feeling state as your first one to move, so you can start to get the hang of how to actually do the moving process.

Once you have that experience, here is a more advanced technique that can help you deliberately intensify the state for a few seconds before you start moving it, so you get a strong and tangible felt shift.

To intensify the state before moving it, review each of the state properties. Look for one or two which, if you shift them in a certain direction, they will clearly intensify your experience of the state.

For example, perhaps your state is somewhat heavy, and you notice that increasing the sense of weight makes the state feel more intense. Play around with the properties to find the one or two with the biggest effect. These are the intensity drivers.

If you do this, I recommend that you break from the standard sequence, and after listening to the preamble go directly to shifting the driver properties first. That will likely get you a significant shift to start, and then just follow through the normal sequence from there.