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Our goal in the excavating phase of The Feelingwork Practice is to identify distinct feeling states to which we can apply the power of Feelingwork mapping and moving. In order to do that, we're going to review an experience that's giving you a challenge, looking for distinct, specific feeling states.

Now, the excavating process normally is highly contextual. How you dig in and what you find depends very much on the specific territory you are exploring. When I work with a client, there is a high level of interaction between us in order to effectively identify those feeling states that are going to be most useful for mapping and moving. So the process is pretty difficult to script or structure in a predetermined way.

But we're going to do our best here. What I'm going to do is to give you an overview, and give you the key elements of the excavating process, and leave you to it. And then we will pick back up with the mapping and moving process, which we are able to do in a more scripted way.

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