LEGACY PAGE: Carried over from the previous feelingmind.io website. Content will be reshaped over time to better integrate with the psychotopology framework.

Feelingwork Online

by Joe Shirley

Update: May 2022

Looking over these Feelingwork Online pages and videos, I have to cringe a bit. I put a heck of a lot of work into those in early 2021, but I was just cranking through to get it done by a deadline, hewing to the standard of "good enough," and I can see many ways it falls short.

Over time, I would like to re-create this, but it's not on the short list of things to do. So please consider using it more as a test run get an idea of what Feelingwork is, and consider getting involved in the community to learn more. There's nothing more powerful than to experience Feelingwork live, with me or another facilitator guiding you in the moment.