LEGACY PAGE: Carried over from the previous feelingmind.io website. Content will be reshaped over time to better integrate with the psychotopology framework.


Mapping and Restoring the Inner Terrain

Introducing Feelingmind

by Joe Shirley

Update: May 2022

This draft was written almost entirely over a six-week writing retreat on Cortes Island, at the end of 2019, just before the covid pandemic hit. It is essentially a manual for how to facilitate Feelingwork, and is fairly robust in that function.

What I felt it missed, though, was a frame for how Feelingwork fit into the larger societal context. Over the more than two years since this was written, I have wrestled with this question. The vision of psychotopology presented on this website is the result, along with the current work on four volumes outlining the field. This draft manual for Feelingwork will likely be incorporated into the second volume on the methods of psychotopology.

For now, I invite you to dig into this draft, put the methods to the test in your life and work, and please reach out to me with your questions and desires to engage further.

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